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Natural or Glam?

FAQ - A frequently asked question from our lovely brides over the years is 'What look do most brides do for their wedding day?" TBH the answer is completelty varied and personal. On average we have about 60% of brides who request to "look and feel like themselves" basically a naturally enhanced version. Makeup Artist like to refer to this as 'Soft glam' . . The other 40% will request 'full glam'. I often hear, "I don't wear a lot of makeup day to day however I would like to go all out being my wedding day" or "I wear a full face everyday so would feel uncomfortable doing a traditional 'bridal' look" The decision is entirely personal and completely up to you and what your visions are for the day. A good place to start when preparing for a trial with a makeup artist that you have selected is sourcing inspo images of THEIR work. We'd like to think you picked a particular artist because you love their style and way of enhancing someones beauty.. We recommend you chose images of their work as; 1. It will be achievable 2. Selecting images that are highly edited /smoothed/photoshoped is setting up unrealistic expectations for yourself from the start. Often people show you images that are enhanced by the particular lighting or are completely edited to the point you can barely see the makeup techniques. Think about whether it's the makeup in the image that you love or perhaps the beautiful model. Think about if you have similar features and if that style would suit you. You may not be used to wearing a full face and in this case you may have to prepare yourself for shock factor if thats what you're requesting. Our wonderful bride Amalia, imaged above requested a 'full glam' look. We used a bold lash and a red lip to help achieve this. And doesn't she look just incredible? We know Amalia on a personal level and she is someone who is not shy to wear a full face of on a regular occasion. It was a no brainer that she wanted a more glam style. Hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend. Lots of love - NLM xx

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